Meet the new budgeting experience without Excel!

This enables convenient budget planning, by both income and expenses. Budgeting is carried out by units (departments) and by types of income/expenses.

  • Budgets are prepared by heads of units who submit them for approval after making final changes. The approval process is carried out based on the hierarchy of the company’s organisational units.
  • Supported revision of the existing budget. Each revision is subject to a separate approval cycle. After a revised budget is approved, any previous budget versions are archived.
  • Creating a budget for subsequent years requires only copying and adjusting the budget from the previous year.
  • The budget is fully integrated with the invoice flow and the chart of accounts, which is stored in Integrity+. The budget performance report is available instantly and includes information on all recorded items of expenses/income.
  • Monitoring financial analysis data at the level of cost invoices.
  • Integrity+ monitors the value of placed orders based on the currently applicable budget. An additional approval is required if the budget is exceeded.
  • The amount of expenses may be set only once at the stage of budget approval.
  • Revenue from the sale of products and services may be planned for each project, where each project has its own budget.
  • Integrity+ also provides graphic support for monitoring budget performance.